It's not often can say that we have the great honor of speaking with a person who inspires us so much. We talked to the goddess Anette and she reveals that her inspirations for the album Shine and your favorite song for this album and much,much, much more. Check out.

What is your biggest inspiration in the writing process of the album shine?
- It was my life and things and people who have touched me and made me who I am. Both good people and bad people=)

What is your favorite song of this album and why?
- I have many favourites for different reasons. LIES is a sad song in the lyrics and its meaning but such a happy song in its music so that is one I love to sing and perform. SHINE is such a strong and special song for me due to the meaning in it. I wrote this as an anti-bullying, anti-hate song to give people who struggle with others hate to stand up for themselves and SHINE and hold their head high no matter what=)

His voice is simply wonderful. What is the main thing to do to have a strong and firm voice like yours?
- Thanks so much for that kind compliment=) I have always had a good voice and been singing since I was 2 years old so maybe just doing it every day and having good genes in my family. My mother and grandfather both have and had wonderful voices=)

You want to bring Shine tour to Brazil?
- I would love to do that and I´ve gotten an offer but unfortunately at my level, starting off as a new artist, the money is to low so its not doable at this time. If the promoters would pay a little more so we have money to come, I would come for sure=)

Controversy. Do not quite understand what the real reason for his dismissal of Nightwish, but we know that was the best thing that happened to you, it gave us this very beautiful album. What has to say on the subject?
- I have said everything there is to say about this so not much to add. Sad story but I am sure it´s the best way for all of us now and I wish them all the best with their future albums and endeavours.

Our dream is to see a duet with her ​​and some voices as Amy Lee, Tarja and Simone Simons. Do you already have plans for some duet?
- No, nothing like that is in the planning.

You have a wonderful store with personal items. It hurts to sell these items?
- Yes, I love my clothes and some are so hard to sell that they are still lying in my storage even if I dont think I´ll wear them again. Like many outfits from our Dark passion play tour. For me, they hold really wonderful memories in them and I can´t really let them go yet=)

We see in his blog his heavy workout routine. Honestly you do not need. You are wonderful. How many hours a day do you work?
-  I really love to exercise and have done it for many years so I need it. Not mostly for looking good but for feeling good in my mind also. I get quite frustrated and a bit down when I cant move around. I am an energetic person so for me to just do nothing is hard. I walk every day and then I do crossfit 3 times a week and then its really hard workouts at the gym.

The clip of the song Lies is beautiful. Tell us what this clip means to you.
- It´s a really special song for me. I wrote it about the hardship in separating from someone I´ve spent many many years with, the sadness in a marriage breaking up and just the hard things when you realize things just weren´t what you once thought they´d be.

Leave a message to his Brazilian fans.
- Gracias for being there for me during my time in Nightwish and us touring your lovely country! And thanks all of you who are STILL here for me,supporting me in whatever my future brings. Means the world to me that you still care! All my love and hope to see Brasil again=)

Thank you só much. We love u.
Thanks and love you too=)


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