Beautiful, talented and amazing. These are just the initial attributes when we talk to Elina Siirala. The owner of one metal 's most powerful voices come tell us incredible things.
Check below the exclusive interview we did with the Goddess:
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First, it is an honor to speak with one of the most remarkable voices of the metal scene today, it makes me completely flattered!
Wow, thank you so much for your nice words, the pleasure is mine :)

When did you decide you wanted to be a professional singer?
It actually happened kind of gradually. I always loved to sing and finally started taking lessons when I was 17. When I got in Helsinki Metropolia two years later, my studying became more professional.

What were your main musical influences?
My whole family are classical musicians so I mainly grew up listening to classical music. Then later I remember getting my very first little stereo system so I was listening to radio a bit more. i’ve always been inspired and influenced by lots of different musical genres but I could say that I admired Freddie from Queen a lot and loved strong singers like Whitney Houston and Lara Fabian.

What are your Hobbies?
Now a days I don’t really have time for regular hobbies but I used to do athletics and horse riding. I’m still doing all kinds of sports.

Which makeup items do you use on a daily basis?
I don’t really wear make up on a daily basis but the first thing would probably be eyebrow pencil as mine are so fair :D

Do you play any sports?
Referring to the earlier question, yes I do all kinds of sports :) Running, weights, yoga, exercise routines, belly dancing and anything between.

How do you feel knowing that now you are globally recognized and acclaimed for your work?
I think anyone who does something in a creative field wether it’s music, art or something else would love people to see and hear their work. So of course the potential of more people hearing my work as a singer and also songwriter is very exciting.

Unfortunately we can see that even today Metal and rock in general are mostly men’s territory. What is your opinion about it? Ever felt intimidated?
I guess I’ve never thought about it in that way. For me it’s more about creating music and working in music business like in any other work field. And working with people, wether they’re women or men. But also there has been a big rise in women musicians, technicians etc. and especially you can see a lot more women in the audience which is great! 

How was the receptivity of Leave's Eyes fans when you became their new vocalist?
I’m sure it was a huge shock for everyone initially but I’ve had very encouraging feedback and at the shows people have also been very kind to me.

Are there comparisons between you and the former lead singer? What is your relationship with her?
Of course! It’s natural and would be strange not to have comparison especially since Liv was such a big part of the band. Unfortunately I don’t know her, we only managed to say a quick hello at the London gig where we supported Leaves’ Eyes with Angel Nation.

Did there occur some hearing to join the band or did they know specifically what they wanted? Tell us how did you get the news.
I got a phone call and was invited to Germany where I sang a few Leaves’ Eyes songs to the guys. They only told me what it was about after I arrived there so it was a big surprise for me :D They had already heard me singing with Angel Nation two times before so they knew how I was on stage etc. It was all very relaxed and after the try out it was pretty much decided :)

Your talent as a singer and as a performer is unquestionable. Do you have a special ritual before going on stage?
Thank you! :) I don’t really have a special ritual but I guess you could say I have pretty much the same routine in terms of warming up and preparing for a show. However, sometimes you have to improvise a bit if we’re arriving very late to the venue or there isn’t any proper place to warm up…

Do you have some special care with your voice while touring?
Ideally I want to always warm up properly before a show and trying to stay hydrated is important too. Avoiding having to speak over loud music or being around smoke is always good for the voice too. But common sense is the best and trying to get enough sleep and eat as well as possible (which is pretty much impossible) so the body and immune system work well.

What can’t you be without when you are on tour?
I just need my stage outfit, make up and in ears….oh and ear plugs for sleeping :D

What are you 5 favorite female fronted albums?
I tend to like songs more than whole albums. These are some of my favourite songs by female fronted bands:
What have you done - Within Temptation
Edge of a broken heart - Vixen
Weak as I am - Skunk Anansie
Alone - Heart
Sleeping sun - Nightwish

Have you ever been to Brazil? Which cities do you want to visit here?
No, unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Brazil yet, I hope soon! Would be great to see Rio de Janeiro, but I’m sure there are millions of great places to see as your country is very big! :)

We have a very wide range of metal bands that have not been discovered yet, including Semblant and Holiness. We would appreciate it if you could give your opinion about their work, and we would also like to know if one day you’d like to work with them. 
Both bands sound great, I really liked the songs you sent! Nice choruses and both singers sound good! At the moment I don’t really have time for any collaborations but who knows what happens in the future :)

Interview and Edition: Sara Sthefany
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