When I came across the album Alive !! from BeccaChan, or simply Becca, I was just looking for Avril Lavigne products to buy on a very popular site right here in Brazil and I stumbled upon the announcement, which caught my attention by the completely entertaining cover and the fact that the CD is a Japanese edition (those that comes with OBI, DVD, bonus track and almost the singer does not come together lol), I love these editions, I was tempted to buy and bought. But do you know those albums that you have most never heard? So it was like that until the day (01/03/14), when I decided to listen to the whole album and BOOM: excellent, in my clear concept. The album is a mix of teenage bouts with love rejections and has the exact potential to play on the radio, all the songs are very sticky, but far from musical crumbs. The ideal ballad to listen in couple is Lose You Now, with a vocal ability to envy, Becca leaves a lot of famous singer in the slipper. Turn To Stone is my favorite, and, I´m Alive sticks too much, you will not stop listening for a whole day. And so I met that today, as she calls herself, Bec Hollcraft.

First of all, it's an honor to be able to talk to you, I'm so happy! What was the moment when you had the boom: This is what I want to do, I want to be a singer and songwriter at a professional level?

I am happy to be talking to you too, thank you for all your support over the years! For as long as I can remember, I’ve had the strong desire to sing and create music. I was very shy growing up, but also very emotional. Music was how I naturally expressed myself. I was told I was singing before I could speak! I wrote my first formal song at 10 years old, but I was constantly making up melodies before that.

Initially, what were your musical influences before you started composing?

I grew up in the 90s and early 2000s and was very influenced by pop music. I say Christina Aguilera taught me how to sing, but the Spice Girls taught me how to perform. This was obviously at a very young age. When I got into my teenage years, I was more influenced by rock music and icons of the 80s.

You are a smash hit in some countries, but especially in Japan, when you signed up with Sony Japan for the anime theme songs “Black Butler” and “Ultraviolet Code: 044”. How was it for you to make such a grand project and with an audience totally out of your comfort zone (since you were an American girl), did you imagine the proportion would take?

It’s true that I was out of my comfort zone. But I had an incredible team around me that guided me. Sony was so good to me, I am very grateful for those experiences. Looking back, it feels like a dream.

Your first single was #1 at the International Singles Charts in Japan! Imagine that! For an American, it's like a prize with a mixture of gratitude. Alive!! Both, the album and the singles are impressive. It has amazing vocal and harmonic quality! How was the production and composition of the album?

I am very fortunate for the hard work of the team I had around me during that time. It’s still hard to process those accomplishments! A dream I had really did come true. The making of the album was challenging and fun simultaneously. I was young, but I had a lot to express. I also felt a lot of pressure at that time. I think there is always an inner rebellion for a teenager and a person in their early 20s. There’s a lot of entitlement, and thinking you know everything when you really have so much to learn. The creative process can be very revealing to who one is at their core. Making music is very different for me now.

I have my favorites in Alive!! Obviously, “I'm Alive” (lol), “Turn To Stone”, “Outside Of You” and the wonderful cover of “I Drove All Night” (Cyndi Lauper). What are your favorites and why?

Thank you for your kind words, it means the world to know my music resonated with you. You have to remember, this album was made over 10 years ago! So it’s a little strange for me to look back. The song “I’m Alive” was written after a friend of mine had passed unexpectedly. That was one of my first wake up calls. Understanding the fragility of life. I am proud of where that song went.

The success was repeated in 2009 with Shibuya, single from your second album Tokyo-O-Ing, yielding a feat. with Hatsune Miku. How was all this experience?

Honestly, very odd! I was like…wait…I’m doing a duet with a computer? I didn’t understand haha! Today it’s not as shocking of an idea. But I thought it was cool nonetheless and it is truly amazing to see the broad reach of Hatsune Miku and how she has expanded out of the Japanese market. I loved being able to sing about Tokyo, forever one of my favorite places. All of Japan feels magical to me.

Jumping to Stars in Stereo, what debut album was this? I felt hit by a truck. Seriously, I've never heard anything like it and so distinct. What is your participation (besides the vocals) in the composition and production of the album?

Thank you! I co-wrote all of the songs. It was a little different, writing for a band than writing for myself. A lot balancing of different personalities, which could be exhausting at times! But of course being able to create albums is an incredible thing. I didn’t realize how much work it was until I became an independent artist. I am grateful for all the opportunities that band brought me as well. We actually composed 3 albums in a few short years and were working on our fourth when the band parted ways.

I'm in love with the album as a whole, it brings something that somehow, besides touching my soul deeply, made me reflect on where I wanted to go and be, my mistakes, my hits. From my point of view, it was an album that told me this: I'm your best friend, feel like you're not alone. What is the concept behind the album?

What a nice message you received from the music! We were writing mostly from the perspective of a unit and our shared experiences. We definitely wanted our listeners to feel a safe space within our music. We wanted to share our vulnerabilities. To be able to leave a lasting, positive impression.

Three songs are still timeless for me: “The Broken”, “Every Last Thing” and “Queen of Catastrophe”. They are very intimate, heavy and true. You pass it on in your voice when you sing it. Your interpretation of the 3 songs is like tearing my skin. What did you feel at the time of the recording? Were personal experiences?

Sometimes singing makes me feel like my skin is tearing too. I am bringing my deepest feelings to the surface. I’ve always felt a bit…broken. These songs were a way for me to express that. To be a voice for those who feel like they can’t speak. I feel a responsibility to tell a story with my voice. To be raw. But to also be strong.

“Leave Your Mark”. Erotic. Sexy. Aggressive and completely exceptional. I want your point of view about the album: concept and experience and even how your voice brought tracks full of sexual tension. Tell me everything!

I feel one of the most powerful things a woman can do is to own her sexuality. This has been a struggle for me since day 1. I have struggled in my body, in my gender, and in my sexual orientation. I made the decision to break these insecurities wide open and own them instead. I decided to be the master of my mentality. The dominatrix of my destiny. It was very uncomfortable at times, and still is. But I chose to use music as my armor. I could sing about these feelings I’ve but also feel protected by the platform at which I did it.

SinS opened to high caliber bands like Halestorm, what does it feel like to have a fully visible work worldwide?

It was a blast doing those tours, and to be able to tour with talented women that I could look up to. I learned a lot. Touring was like the college experience I never had. I have many unique memories to look back at fondly.

You were one of Revolver Mag's 25 Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock & Heavy Metal, what was your reaction when you found out?

I was ecstatic! Happy for what that meant for the band. I didn’t take it as meaning much for me personally. I think it’s odd to rate anyone in that way but I also understand the relevance.

Unfortunately, Stars in Stereo ended in 2015 (but the band's albums are still on Spotify), you can't find the band's official videos, but below are some that will make readers shiver. Have any specific reason to disband, would you rather not talk about it or was it a consensual decision?

I had no say in the removal of the music videos, and it was very disappointing. I felt like a victim at that time, but I no longer allow that mentality. We were people who at the time were focused on what made us different, not on what made us similar. It is sad to me the way things fizzled out. I don’t feel the need to get into details as I don’t desire to perpetuate negativity. I am on great terms with all of the members except one, but I wish him the best. Everyone deserves a chance at happiness. (publisher's note, I uploaded them all on my channel, with permission from Bec <3)



What are your musical influences now?

I have become more interested in electronic music. IAMX, aYia, and Banks to name a few. I like my music dark and sexy, melodic and dramatic. I listen to techno more than anything else. These days I like to lose myself in music. I’m not interested in hit songs or the “smartest” lyrics. I’m interested in what emotion the music is giving off. What world it’s creating.

What has changed musically and personally from Becca- Alive!! To today's Bec Hollcraft?

Musically I am an independent artist so it feels like everything has changed. I have to approach music from a completely different head space. It’s good because I have all the control, but that can also be daunting. I am still formulating what I want to do. I am influenced by so many things. It’s hard to put myself in a box and I don’t want to. I want to be expansive.

You have a project called Wholecraft, where you released “Vanishing” and “Last Survivor”, singles totally unlike anything we heard from Bec Hollcraft. Always innovating, the songs are electronic, sexy and dancey, which we can conclude that you are magnificent in all musical styles. Tell me more about Wholecraft, what is the concept (I think you realized that I love knowing the concept of everything you do) and if you want to continue the project.

I am honored that you have followed all the twists and turns of my career. I am sure it can be confusing, all the different projects I’ve been a part of and styles of music I release. Wholecraft is like the attic of my mind covered in cobwebs that I am intrigued by and equally terrified of. There are many songs I haven’t released as I’m still figuring out how to produce them. It’s the evolution of my taste in music, but also the type of music I was always fearful of doing, even though it’s what I’ve always wanted. I’m not concerned with being marketable. I’ve had feedback in the past that I’m “too dark” or “too sad” or “too minor” etc. Wholecraft is my “yes I write sad, dark songs and I’m not trying to please anyone but myself so listen if you dare” project. So, thank you for daring!

Your hair changes are amazing! Which one is your favorite?

My hair is an extension of my self-expression. My creativity. I am loving being a blonde for the first time ever!

What are your ongoing and future projects?

I am always writing. Whether it’s for me and my various projects, or for others. It’s all still formulating. I am terrible at making plans, better at seeing what happens from the work I put in. But there will be more! Always.

List top 10 albums you love and why:

Wow, 10 is a lot. I am going to stick with 5 because my brain can’t even think about 10 right now! I will do my favorites as of late, since my taste is constantly changing.

IAMX – Metanoia

I love all of Chris Corners’ creations, but this particular album has so many catchy songs. I first discovered IAMX when a friend heard some music I was producing for my project Wholecraft and said it reminded her of his music. It blew my mind when I listened to IAMX for the first time. Never had I heard music that I felt so personally connected to. I feel like he’s in my mind. It’s everything I like. Dark, creepy, dramatic, sad, moving, sexy. I feel it all.

aYia – aYia

I just discovered this group. They sound like the future. Their programming choices are perfection to me. The dark and heavy tones they use mixed with the singer’s soft and beautiful voice. Very inspiring to me right now.

Beacon – Gravity Pairs

A laid-back album that creates a relaxing and un-imposing atmosphere. Very listenable at pretty much any time. The singer’s voice is beautiful and the programming is very tasteful.

Robyn – Body Talk

All the catchy lyrics and melodies that fuel the pop part of my soul. She’s such a bad ass, I can never get enough of her.

Banks – Goddess

It is very hard to choose a singular album that I love from Banks. All of them have a refined vibe. I listen to her before I’m going out, or if I need to feel empowered.

Leave your message here for your fans from Brazil, Japan and the world!

It is hard to express how much it means to me to be recognized outside of my bedroom where I began writing music over half my life ago. Thank you for being the ears that make my music exist.

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